Friday, January 29, 2010

The Greatest Service

Joseph F. Smith said: “There can be no genuine happiness separate and apart from the home, and every effort made to sanctify and preserve its influence is uplifting to those who toil and sacrifice for its establishment. Men and women often seek to substitute some other life for that of the home; they would make themselves believe that the home means restraint; that the highest liberty is the fullest opportunity to move about at will. There is no happiness without service, and there is no service greater than that which converts the home into a divine institution, and which promotes and preserves family life” (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph F. Smith [1998], 382).

I know this is absolutely true! The world teaches that the home means restraint, that the highest liberty is the fullest opportunity to move about at will. But this is a lie. It may seem true, but it is not. The great things that we do in our homes are not published in the headlines. We are not given awards and medals and many days there is no recognition for great deeds and accomplishments that are taking place. But that is why it is so essential to have the burning knowledge inside of you that the work you are doing as parents is vital and of the utmost importance.

This knowledge and faith that this work is true will get you through the hard days. There are hard days, but they are really only as hard as we let them be through our mind and through our faith. Faith empowers us and soon we find that because of our faith we are blessed and empowered through the Lord to be able to handle things. We are given additional strength to endure, to do, and to love. When we start to love, it is because the Lord blesses us with His love, then life becomes a success and is so fulfilling and joyful!

We must have faith in the Lord and what he has told us through the prophets and through the witness of the Spirit. This is the way we can carry on! Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ brings miracles.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The power of work

When my husband was in a medical residency program and I was a busy mother expecting my fourth child and the oldest was 5, I became very ill for a couple of days. I remember laying on the bed, little children played around me, and I wanted to badly to get up and change a diaper. Not only to change a diaper but I wanted to get up and hold my children, help them and attend to their needs. I am grateful it was only a couple of days that I was so ill, but when I had the strength to get out of bed, I realized so strongly what a blessing it is to have the strength to attend to my children and love and serve them. Sometimes we get tired, another dirty diaper, another mess, and we feel so taxed and life is so hard, or this is too much. And we get feeling sorry for ourselves, we throw a little pity party. But this experience changed my perspective and made me think of a great statement by President David O. Mckay

"Let us realize that the privilege to work is a gift, that the power to work is a blessing, that the love of work is success." - David O. McKay (David O. McKay, Pathways to Happiness (1957), 381.)

"The ultimate career"

Every home ought to be a mini-school of the prophets since so much learning can occur there. – Neal A. Maxwell

Our homes truly are the "school room of the Lord". What we make happen there is vital. Do not be deceived by the voices of the world (Satan) that would downplay or belittle our time at home. I am reminded of a quote by C.S. Lewis.

"The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only - and that is to support the ultimate career." — C.S. Lewis

Be encouraged and rejoice each day that you have the opportunity to be in your home to teach and love and serve. This is where true joy is found!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gordon B. Hinckley

“In this age when more and more women are turning to daily work, how tremendous it is, once in a while, to stop and recognize that the greatest service that any woman will ever perform will be in nurturing, teaching, lifting, encouraging, and rearing her children in righteousness and truth. There is no other thing that will compare with that regardless of what she does. I hope that the women of the Church will not slight their greatest responsibility in favor of a lesser responsibility. To the mothers of this church, every mother who is here this day, I want to say that, as the years pass, you will become increasingly grateful for that which you did in molding the lives of your children in the direction of righteousness and goodness and integrity and faith. I think I can share this with you. As I sat in the Tabernacle at the last conference and was sustained by the people of this church, there came before me in my mind’s eye, the picture of my mother when I was a little boy. And I’m sure she must have thought then that I wouldn’t amount to much because I was not an easy little boy to deal with. I am grateful that I have the opportunity in my old age to bring honor to her name. …It’s been the mothers who have been the great carriers and purveyors of faith throughout the history of this church. I believe that with all my heart” – President Gordon B. Hinckley (Heber City/Springville, Utah, regional conference, 14 May 1995).


I made this blog to encourage women in their great and eternal role as mothers. Mostly, I want to share quotes from the prophets that teach us how the Lord wants us to understand and view motherhood.